Powerful synergy between industry and nature

Where the Wilderness Works

Powerful synergy between industry and nature

Where the Wilderness Works

Welcome to “Where the Wilderness Works” – a captivating journey into the heart of economic development where the inspiring stories of our priority industries come alive, intricately woven with the essence of our pristine wilderness. In this wild paradise, industries thrive and are shaped by the very fabric of nature’s greatness.

Discover the thriving sectors that keep our region strong:

  1. Agriculture: Rooted in the fertile soils of our lands, our agricultural businesses harness the power of nature to cultivate bountiful harvests. Our farmers are stewards of the land, practicing sustainable methods that respect and preserve the delicate balance of our ecosystem. Taste the freshness and goodness that comes from a farm-to-table experience, where the wilderness nurtures every bite.
  2. Forestry and Wood Products: Within the lush expanse of our forests lies a sustainable resource that supports a thriving wood products industry. With careful consideration for the environment, our foresters responsibly manage the woodlands, ensuring a renewable supply of timber for various applications. From exquisite furniture to eco-friendly construction materials, our forests contribute to a world where beauty meets sustainability.
  3. Tourism: Behold the allure of our wild landscapes, beckoning travelers from far and wide to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature. Our tourism industry thrives on the breathtaking beauty of mountains, lakes, and forests, offering adventurers unforgettable experiences year round. Whether it’s hiking through backwoods trails or witnessing mesmerizing art, our wilderness embraces visitors and enriches their lives.
  4. Biotech: In the heart of nature’s laboratory, our biotech industry thrives. Researchers and innovators find inspiration in the environment, unlocking the secrets to groundbreaking discoveries and sustainable biotechnological advancements. With the wilderness as their surrounding, our biotech pioneers are at the forefront of progress.
  5. Clean Energy: Harnessing the power of wind, water, and sun, our region is a beacon of clean energy innovation. Our clean energy ventures tap into renewable resources, powering a sustainable future for generations to come. As the world increasingly turns toward eco-conscious solutions, our wilderness provides the ideal backdrop for this green revolution.

Companies that call the Adirondack Frontier home reap the rewards of our untamed expanse. With access to the great outdoors and ample space to build, develop, and grow their operations, entrepreneurs find an unparalleled advantage. It’s not just business; it’s a way of life, where the harmony between industry and nature brings unprecedented success.

“Where the Wilderness Works” is more than a campaign; it’s a testament to the powerful synergy between industry and nature. Together, we are building a legacy of prosperity, sustainability, and awe-inspiring beauty.

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