Frontier Fact: 2000 Tourism Jobs

July 21, 2023

Frontier Fact: 2000 Tourism Jobs

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The Adirondack Frontier has over 2,000 jobs supported by tourism.


With abundant outdoor activities, unique attractions, and breathtaking views in Franklin County, it’s no wonder the tourism industry is thriving here. Tourism has the potential to further enhance our community in numerous ways:

One of the most apparent advantages of increased tourism is the expansion and improvement of services offered by local businesses. As demand rises, establishments strive to enhance their offerings, leading to an elevated level of service. Moreover, this surge in interest often sparks the emergence of new businesses in our community. From dining establishments and entertainment venues to museums, and more, tourism fosters new developments that provide year-round enjoyment for both residents and visitors.

In tandem with the growth of service offerings, tourism also creates ample job opportunities for our local workforce. As businesses expand, they create new roles for individuals within the community. Additionally, the rise of tourism nurtures an environment for entrepreneurial endeavors, enabling residents to benefit from the influx of tourists seeking authentic local experiences. The industry also depends on mechanics, technicians, guides, and marketing specialists. The industry supports over 13% of all jobs in the county.

The financial advantages of tourism are also substantial. With visitors spending their money at local businesses, restaurants, retail stores, and various establishments experience an upswing in revenue. This boost in earnings benefits not only business owners but also their employees, ultimately stimulating greater spending within the local economy. Tourism generates $15.6 million in state and local taxes, saving each household $826 per year. Moreover, the increase in sales tax revenue provides funding for essential infrastructure and environmental projects that enhance the overall well-being of our community.

As tourism continues to develop, it is crucial to recognize the broad-reaching impact it has on our community’s prosperity and quality of life. By embracing tourism and promoting its growth responsibly, we can ensure a sustainable and thriving future for Franklin County.

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