Frontier Fact: 67% Forested Land

June 30, 2023

Frontier Fact: 67% Forested Land

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The Adirondack Frontier is 67% forest, an impressive natural resource.


Exploring the natural landscape of the Adirondack Frontier reveals a tapestry of forests, both preserved and privately owned, that play a vital role in our community.

Nestled within the county, the State-owned Forest Preserve spans an impressive 253,921 acres, safeguarded by the New York Constitution. This pristine expanse encompasses a diverse ecosystem of deciduous and evergreen forests, serving as a cherished resource for all who reside here.

Beyond the Forest Preserve, Franklin County boasts thousands of acres of private lands protected by conservation easements. These easements serve as guardians of invaluable natural resources while permitting traditional land management practices to persist.

Recognizing the significance of working forests, Franklin County emphasizes the active management of woodland areas, as evidenced by the presence of nationally recognized forest resource management and consulting companies Molpus Woodlands Group and F&W.These companies are committed to responsible forest stewardship and sustainable practices, while supporting industries that rely on wood for lumber, energy, and paper.

The forests of the Adirondack Frontier reign supreme as the primary source of raw materials for an essential local industry: wood products.

Tupper Lake Hardwoods and Richards Logging are pivotal employers in Tupper Lake, carrying on the community’s proud timber management and wood products heritage. Their dedication ensures the continued vitality of this industry, which contributes significantly to the region’s economy.

Franklin County is also a haven for skilled artisans who transform the region’s abundant wood resources into high-quality, hand-crafted products. Companies such as Adirondack Wood Furnishings, Heritage Woodworks, Perry’s Custom Woodworking, and John Gillis Cabinetry have existed in the local community for years. Their custom wood items grace the homes of both local residents and customers across the nation, reflecting the region’s rich woodworking tradition.

Nurturing the next generation of land managers, Paul Smith’s College is located in the heart of Franklin County. With a comprehensive bachelor’s degree program in forestry, the college equips students with a strong foundation in sustainable practices and field-based education. Graduates emerge as knowledgeable stewards of the land, poised to uphold the commitment to responsible forestry and the preservation of these cherished natural resources.

By nurturing these precious resources, the Adirondack Frontier secures a prosperous and sustainable future for generations to come.

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