Frontier Fact: 25,500 Housing Units

August 18, 2023

Frontier Fact: 25,500 Housing Units

The Adirondack Frontier has 25,500 Housing Units.


Let’s delve into a matter of great significance that underpins both the prosperity of Franklin County’s economy and the quality of life for its residents: Housing.

There is increasing diversity and resilience in the Adirondack Frontier’s housing stock, which includes more than 25,000 units. However, we recognize that housing access has been an ongoing challenge, impacting the well-being of our workforce and the vitality of our region. As an organization dedicated to economic development, we are steadfast in our commitment to address this challenge head-on and create lasting solutions.

Here are some key aspects that illustrate the significance of housing in Franklin County:

  • Priority on Development and Improvement: Supporting the creation of new housing and enhancing existing structures is a top priority for the FCEDC. We understand that a thriving community is built upon the foundation of quality and affordable housing options. It’s our collective goal to ensure that the Adirondack Frontier remains an inviting place to call home, where residents can enjoy both the natural beauty and the comfort of safe and affordable housing.
  • Empowering Housing Projects: Housing developers have taken notice that the Adirondack Frontier is full of opportunities to construct new housing and we have been proud to directly support several projects that are set to create or renovate over 200 housing units within the next few years. These initiatives are aligned with our vision to provide accessible housing solutions that cater to a diverse range of income levels and lifestyles.

Here are a few remarkable housing projects that exemplify our commitment to transformation:

  • Land Bank: Franklin County’s establishment of the Franklin County Land Bank Corporation stands as a testament to the County Legislature’s commitment to addressing housing. This strategic initiative not only combats blight but also revitalizes abandoned or underutilized housing, contributing to the overall health of our communities.
  • Saranac Lofts, Saranac Lake: A mixed-use project in Downtown Saranac Lake, the Saranac Lofts is set to bring forth 70 mixed-income apartment units in two new buildings. Through collaboration and financial support, we are facilitating the transformation of this former brownfield into a thriving residential hub, enriching the local community and economy alike.
  • Donald E. Smith Apartments: The renovation of the Donald E. Smith apartments is an embodiment of our commitment to provide quality and affordable housing options for seniors. By providing industrial development agency benefits, we are ensuring that the 50 unit complex will soon be fully renovated to provide a comfortable and secure environment for income-restricted seniors in Tupper Lake.
  • Oval Wood Dish Redevelopment: This ambitious project stands as a testament to our dedication to revitalizing abandoned and underutilized property to increase the housing stock. Through collaboration with seasoned developers that aim to breathe life into the Oval Wood Dish property by creating 80 housing units and several commercial spaces, we are thrilled to support the transformation of this area into a bustling center of residential and commercial activity.

These projects embody our vision of vibrant, inclusive communities with access to quality housing. By focusing on housing, we not only elevate the standard of living for our residents but also contribute to a thriving economy that attracts businesses and visitors.

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